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We'll find you the best home loan deal for buying land and building in Warrnambool

It can be difficult to work out how much you have to spend on land and building your new home. You can save yourself a lot of time and stress by getting your budget sorted before you start looking for land or planning to build.   Your budget sets the scene for every decision you make so it's helpful to get it right from the beginning.  If you want to get the best home loan for building, click the button below.

find out how much you really have to spend on buying land and building a new home in warrnambool 

In 2011 Natalie Stevens, along with her husband Sam Stevens founded Land In Warrnambool to help local families find the perfect block of land.  Since then Natalie has become a best selling author on how to plan to build a new home, has founded the Australia wide website Build In Oz and created an online planning to build Masterclass.  Today, Natalie is dedicated to helping you find the best home loan deal for buying land and building a new home. To discover your best land and building loan options click the 'get started' button below.

have a local on your support team when planning to build

The first step when planning to build is getting your loan structure right.  Our team of land and building loan experts will help you get the funds you need to build a new home you love and can afford.

does your lender fully understand the local Land & home building market?

Few home loan lenders fully understand the complexities of buying land and building a new home.  You don't want to use a regular home loan when you could have a home loan structure designed especially for buying land and building.

the solution

To fix this problem, we've teamed up with the Warrnambool founded Build In Oz land and build loan experts, to ensure that Warrnambool land buyers and home builders get the right home loan structure in place.  Our purpose is to save you interest while your home is being built.  With the right advice you can save thousands.