You’ve heard the saying ‘Rent is dead money’. When you pay rent, your payments go towards paying off ‘someone else’s’ asset, making them wealthy and keeping you poor! When you have a mortgage your payments go towards paying off ‘your’ asset helping you to build wealth.
Not only are mortgages one of the biggest financial commitments, they’re usually the longest. If you’re going to pay for something for years to come, then why not pay for something that invests in your quality of life and secures your financial future in your later years, not to mention having something to leave your children?
With current interest rates so low, first-home-owner grants and developers rebates, if you can afford to pay rent then you may be able to afford a mortgage. What if getting a home loan wasn’t as out of reach as you might think or what if you did own your own home and you were sitting on loads of equity you didn’t know you could use for lifestyle or investment purposes?
Financiers can work with you to establish a realistic budget for you to plan from accordingly. We can get you in touch with the right people who would welcome the opportunity to share with you some creative pathways to home ownership and property investment.
There are few items on a credit report that demonstrate financial responsibility and general stability in life better than a long history of on-time mortgage payments.

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